August 13, 2017


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LID Life Community
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by Jessica on LID Life Community
Amazing information

This site and the admins will prove to be the backbone of your LID journey. When I started I pretty much starved for the first 4 days until I found this amazing site. Let me reassure you, the research and time they have put into this information is all accurate. I was you, confused, aggravated, and hungry. After my blood work this morning my iodine is at a 0.02. Basically undectable and everything I ate I found right here. The many that take the time to keep this website updated you are my true hero’s!!! Thank you for everything!! You are all amazing

by Robin on LID Life Community

The shortest version of our story is: my sister (a healthcare provider) was dx with thyroid cancer almost 10 years ago. She literally survives (like so many) on unsalted nuts, fresh fruit/produce, and water when LID is needed. Fast-forward to today. My daughter (13 y/o!) is diagnosed with the exact same type of thyroid ca. Imagine being 13 years old, your life is upside down and you are anticipating not being able to really eat anything for weeks. One of our healthcare team members recommended this site. I cannot tell you how much this catalog has helped our family. To find out that most of my kiddo's favorite foods (Claussen's pickles and Oreos!) along w many of the brands we already use are "ok" during this crazy time has, in some weird way, provided a bit of comfort in a really overwhelming season. My entire family thanks you for the time and effort.

by PatSey on LID Life Community

I am preparing for RAI on 10/21/20. This website has been invaluable to me while I plan my meals and grocery list for my time on the LID diet. I was surprised how many things I could still eat! Thank you so much for your research and taking the time to support all others that face LID in their journey!

by Nicole on LID Life Community
Your website and community made all the difference in my LID & RAI journey

Dear LID Life Community, Thank You!

Thank you for your support through the LID and being there to help when I questioned if I could drink my New England IPAs due to some crazy ingredients.

Thank you for sharing your recipes and resources.

Last week, I was reclassified as low risk. My body responded very well to the RAI and I can only think that is because I had this group to guide me. Thank you all!

Until next time, if there is a next time.

Much love and respect,


by Tiffany on LID Life Community
Amazing website, tons of info

I cannot speak highly enough of this website and the information they offer. Not only here, but also on their Facebook page. The creators of this website and the Facebook page have gone above and beyond to make LID so easy and doable. They have taken the strict out of it and taken the guesswork out of it. They have done all the leg work to get the info so that we can continue to live normal lives while on LID and they are blessings for that!

by Yolande on LID Life Community

This LID group was such a great help,There is so much helpful information, I don’t think it would of gone so smooth for me if it wasn't for this LID group, Thank you to all the admins from near and far, and everyone in the group stay strong and glow on!!!

by Elleda on LID Life Community
Couldn’t have done this without this site

I want to thank you for taking on and maintaining this labor of love. Those of us who have been touched by thyroid cancer are scared, anxious, and overwhelmed. We are afraid that we will screw this diet up for us or our loved ones and there will be long term consequences. Your staff’s ability to answer similar questions (on the FB page) on a routine basis is outstanding and refreshing. As a family physician, I appreciate the attention to detail while encouraging individuals to be their own advocate and empower them with the knowledge they need to succeed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts:)

by Matea Caluk on LID Life Community
Thank you LID community!

I wanted to take the time to thank and shout-out this great community of well informed, caring admins and group members. I just completed my LID and RAI. My nurse said my iodine levels were “rockstar status.” They like to have the iodine levels be under 100 and ideally under 50. Mine was 18. I used the web site with the photos and determined my grocery lists. I also checked brands when I was unsure. The Facebook page was additionally helpful for real time questions and also to see other community member’s posts of things they are eating or making. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource, this would have been so much more difficult to maintain otherwise. I would have probably just eaten fruits and vegetables.

by Natalie on LID Life Community
Great Information

I found a lump on my neck back in late February 2020, blood work, ultrasound and biopsy followed.....biopsy inconclusive, surgery scheduled for March 27th, canceled because of COVID rescheduled May 1st, 1/2 my thyroid and the lump was removed, waited 12 days for the results, it came bacd HCC, May 18th the other half removed no cancer! Started LID on Monday, first scan coming up on Wednesday.
I am so glad I ran across this site, the list I was given was basically fruit, veggies and meat!
Will be donating for sure. I wish my endocrinologist knew about this....

by Alice on LID Life Community
Thank you

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in late Feb2020. I had my surgery scheduled and was all set then Covid hit. My surgery was cancelled and rescheduled three times. I was so grateful when UCSF Medical Center opened up for other surgeries. I was one of the first back in. The surgery went well, but my cancer had metastasized and I needed RAI. I started my LID diet before I found this website. I was so much happier once I stumbled upon this site. It answered so many questions that you just don't have time to ask at the doctor's office or didn't even know to ask. I just finished my WBS about a week ago. This site is a great support. I just completed my donation via PayPal. Thank you!

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