August 13, 2017


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LID Life Community
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by Laura W on LID Life Community
So grateful!

Thank you for this site. My 16 year old daughter started RAI yesterday and the doctor said her levels were absolutely perfect from the diet. It would have been a million times harder with a teenager if I didn’t have this group/website. We are so appreciative!

by Dok Dehring on LID Life Community
Thank you so much!

I was given NO NOTICE - I had to start the LID diet right away. That was complicated by the fact I have irritable bowel syndrome, so I'm already following a low-FODMAP diet. Thanks to your website and research, I was able to quickly confirm that many of the brands I already eat regularly do not contain iodized salt. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this research!

Thank you!!!

by Kristina Green on LID Life Community
Kept my head in the right place!

I wasn’t given a heads up before my doctor told me to start my LID. I was 6 weeks post TT without meds. Being in that condition with also starting a LID it was hard to process what I could and couldn’t eat. This website has given me hope through it all. I had to be on a LID for 1 1/2 weeks before I was able to get RAI. Such an amazing and helpful website!

Thank you!!!

by Paula Richardson on LID Life Community
Life saver!

I want to say Thank you to everyone in this group but especially to the admins on this page. When the doctor handed me paperwork about the LID diet on January first thought was panic...I’m going to starve. This website has truly been a lifesaver for me. I had labs drawn to check my levels prior to treatment on Tuesday. My iodine level was 11! Treatment is Tuesday and should proceed with no issues. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making this so informational and for not allowing this girl to go hungry!

Thank you!!!

by Yolandamaria on LID Life Community
LID 2nd time

Thanks to this site my iodine level was 23.7 ug/L. The administrators here kept me company the whole time, often answering questions in minutes. My first LID was so difficult. This one was a breeze! Ready for RAI next week!

Thank you!!

by Sherrie on LID Life Community
100% awesome

If anyone one has ANY doubts that the LID Life people don't know what they are talking about... I want to offer up my proof. I had an iodine contrast CT in December an my Endo was worried my Feb RAI would be too close, so she ordered a 24 hour urine iodine test. I asked her if I should do LID - and she said it couldn't hurt. She gave me her version, which I ignored and followed the advice here. The normal range on the test I took (I am in the US) was 100-499. After only FOUR DAYS on this diet my level was at 30. I ate all the approved meat I wanted, and ate foods from the countless companies approved here. Now I have been on the diet for almost 15 days and I know my levels will rock for my RAI next week. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!! TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!!

Thank you!!

by Samantha on LID Life Community
Thank you!

Thank you is not strong enough for how grateful I am for all of this wonderful help! I am doing the LID for the second time. I am so very thankful for this site. I was not aware of it before and it has been a tremendous help. So much helpful information. I appreciate the time and energy that went into making this available for people that need guidance and help. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

by Debbie Smith on LID Life Community
LID 5th time

LID for the 5th time! Tonight I sat down to update my grocery list to buy what is needed for my next round of LID, by checking the Kroger and Trader Joe's I have made my list and will shop this week & be ready for me to begin after Thanksgiving! I have found a few new recipes that I can make for a family of 7 and not feel that I am making 2 meals at a time. Agin thanks for all the support. Keep fighting and staying NED

by Alice on LID Life Community
I wish I knew sooner!!!

This site has totally uplifted my spirits while on LID!!! This is my 2nd time and I didn't know about this last time. I used the LID diet and basically toiled away in the kitchen every Sunday and weeknights (after working all day!). Now I see I can go to one of my favorite restaurants and eat very close to everything I love!! I am so excited. Thanks LLC for putting this together and obviously all the time spent in doing so!

by Debbie Smith on LID Life Community
LID 4th time

This is so different the 4th time around. First time I was very limited and yes I did manage but ate the same thing just about everyday. Shortly a afterwards I met Becky on Facebook and the rest is history ! Thank you all for all the hardwork in checking for all the safe and banned items. Together we continue to fight on and make life more normal !!

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