August 13, 2017


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LID Life Community
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by Alice on LID Life Community
I wish I knew sooner!!!

This site has totally uplifted my spirits while on LID!!! This is my 2nd time and I didn't know about this last time. I used the LID diet and basically toiled away in the kitchen every Sunday and weeknights (after working all day!). Now I see I can go to one of my favorite restaurants and eat very close to everything I love!! I am so excited. Thanks LLC for putting this together and obviously all the time spent in doing so!

by Debbie Smith on LID Life Community
LID 4th time

This is so different the 4th time around. First time I was very limited and yes I did manage but ate the same thing just about everyday. Shortly a afterwards I met Becky on Facebook and the rest is history ! Thank you all for all the hardwork in checking for all the safe and banned items. Together we continue to fight on and make life more normal !!

by Amy on LID Life Community
Excellent Resource

I had Grave's Disease for a few years. My endocrinologist wanted me to try a low iodine diet for 2 months to see if the Grave's would go into remission. Without the LID Community, my options would have been severely limited. I was given a one page list of what I could not eat. I am still in remission.

by Mary on LID Life Community
Thank you

I am so glad I found this website! I bought all my groceries for my LID based on the pictures of "safe" foods from Kroger and Trader Joe's. I even ate dark chocolate every single day on my LID. When I got my scans back, I said "I hope my iodine levels are low enough..," being a little nervous with all the indulgences I had. The nurse said "Oh they definitely are!!" So grateful for this website and all of the hard work you all put into it. Thank you again. ❤️

by Michelle on LID Life Community
Thank You!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! You really make LID bearable! I am constantly checking the lists, whether at the grocery store, at home packing my lunch for work, or looking for a convenience store snack. Because of this site I have been able to go to restaurants with friends, be encouraged by others who share this journey, and experience a new normal. I just can’t thank you enough for what you do!

by LoriAnn Halvorsen on LID Life Community

Thanks so much


because of you LID is so much easer to accomplish!

by Tricia on LID Life Community
Love This Site!

I wanted to thank this group again now that I'm officially glowing....when I received the initial paperwork from the drs office I was a completely overwhelmed by the the limited choices they suggested for the LID diet...the website has been a God send! Plus your help the first couple of days was awesome during the learning process!

by SUSAN on LID Life Community
nurse coordinator

I am a nurse Coordinator for the Endocrine clinic,and work with people who have Thyroid Cancer.It can be very difficult and sometimes intimidating for patients who have to start the low iodine diet,especially in the rural areas where a variety of foods are not available to them.This group has been an absolute godsend to the patients!I constantly get feedback from patients on what a wonderful and informative site this is,and if it wasnt for the wonderful people in it,they would not have survived the diet!.Keep up the great work,and I know you people put ALOT of hard work into it 🙂

by Nicole Miniuk on LID Life Community
I'm not alone!

Before finding this group, I felt so alone in all of this! I felt frightened and also burdened by LID. This group made it so much easier. Finding safe products was great, but findng community was better. I haven't felt alone since finding this community, not even now while im in isolation for RAI.

by Brandee Muzzy on LID Life Community
Thank you for this gem

I can't express my gratitude at finding this site. As if having cancer isn't bad enough you are then handed a piece of paper and told follow this diet. One look and you see you will be eating veggies and unsalted nuts. It is demoralizing and stressful. This site removed that added stress and my rai was 2 days ago. My doc said my levels looked good and i was ok for treatment. Thank you! thank you! thank you!

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