August 13, 2017


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LID Life Community
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by Arlene Johnson on LID Life Community
You don’t need to fast on LID

The first time I did LID I felt like I was starving myself. Prior to second time around, I stumbled across the LID Life Community website. On the LID website I found countless options for food and meals to choose from. Thank you for making the food part of my thyroid cancer journey comfortable and nutritious.

by Megan on LID Life Community
Thank you!!!!

I was diagnosed September 2018. I underwent radiation in December and when I was told all the banned foods I panicked. I have three small children and the last thing I needed to worry about was how am I going to be able to eat. I found out about this group from another facebook thyroid cancer group. This group saved me so much, I would have never been able to actually enjoy my LID without this group, and the best part is my family enjoyed all our meals too.

by Amy H on LID Life Community

I was diagnosed in 2015 and was given a list of foods I could and could not eat. I was overwhelmed! I later told my Thyroid Doctor that someone could make a fortune cooking for a person on an LID diet since it was so difficult. I found the LID group on Facebook and it was such a game changer. Besides lists of foods that were made with non-iodized salt, there is the incredible support from everyone. I told my doctor several times about the group but she wasn't very interested. I urge you to recommend this group to your patients!

by Donna Bolton on LID Life Community
Wonderful Resoures

My endocrinologist gave me a packet with this wonderful information in it. Wish all doctors would do this for their patients. It took a lot off my mind in the days ahead. The website is a wonderful source of information. Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication that goes along with this website. The Facebook LID Community is my go to for encouragement and see other people are going through the same thing. Let's us know we are not alone in this new journey.

by Chris on LID Life Community
What I could eat

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in December 2016. When I saw the oncologist, I was given a list of things I could not eat in preparation for my scanning and radio active iodine treatment. The list did not include things I could eat, and so I was challenged - really just living on fresh fruit and salads. Then I found that lid life community on Facebook and learned that I had so many more options. I know that my success can be contributed to having options! I am fairly confident that I would not be compliant and would have found opportunities to cheat if I only had to stick to fresh fruit and fresh salads for seven weeks! Game changer!

by Elisabeth on LID Life Community

I am 24 years old female college student and I was diagnosed With PTC February 2019. I underwent a total thyroidectomy and modified bilateral neck dissection (54 lymph nodes removed. 28 came back positive). A cancer diagnosis is life altering, scary, uncertain, and a dark place to be in; you take the time to find resources that will help you move on with life and begin change. After my pathology report came in, my doctors, all three of them, told me I had to get RAI. And I was terrified! I was told to go on a “Low Iodine diet” and I would have to be isolated for a certain period of time because it would be dangerous to be around others. This all shook me, besides adjusting to Synthroid, getting my life back together, and recovering from surgery, I had to do this diet. My nuclear medicine department gave me an outdated packet that basically said I could only eat fruits and vegetables!! It didn’t answer the million questions I had beyond the diet. It wasn’t even just good certain products I had to be mindful of: toothpaste, soaps, etc. And even going to the beach seemed scary since one is by the ocean with sea salt! I was a mess and I felt alone. It wasn’t until a very good friend, also another thyca warrior, told me about the LID that I joined. And all I can say is that it was soooo helpful! The admin reply to posts right away, you get to help other people who are also fighting the same battle you are, and the website—all of the foods I would NEVER imagine were safe for the diet, were safe! And so many foods I would eat every other day we’re safe too! The LID life truly helped me with the whole RAI process. Surely, I would have gone bonkers with the outdated info from my nuclear medicine department. I’m so grateful that I was able to enjoy many foods and still essentially be in my cancer treatment. Thank you to the LID community for helping me with RAI. The LID diet is fun almost! When I go for my 1 year WBS, I surely will be coming back here.

by Sandy on LID Life Community

This group has provided reliable and kind support during such a difficult time! The research they have complied to validate their lists provides a solid foundation and the ability to trust their resources. This guide for the LID diet has been a life saver for me! Administrators are very responsive to help with answers to questions! They understand and provide comfort during this emotional roller coaster. Always there to cheer us on each step of the way!

The ability of the members to share their stories provides tremendous support as we all struggle through this unexpected life altering difficulty! Thank you all!! And wishing good health for all!!

by Charlotte Ortiz on LID Life Community
WAY more information than provided to me from my doctors!

The LID diet information provided by my medical staff was not near the valuable information provided on this site. They have contacted manufacturers and did the leg work of confirming ingredients in packaged foods so we can still have convenient foods and have a safe diet and a successful RAI.

by Kristen Jarvis on LID Life Community
So helpful

Theu put in all the hard work so I didn't have as much to worry about. Easy instructions and peopke always willing to help and answer questions

by Lou Anna Lenigar on LID Life Community

I am so thankful for this community. I followed the very minimal diet given to me by my doctor's office and was so messed up they did not think theynwould be able to do my treatment. Had it not been for this community and their resources, i am not sure what would have happened. So much knowledge and education to be had. Once i found this group, I was shocked at all the things i do eat. I appreciate them and their work so much. Doctor's offices need to recommend this group to everyone that faces this diagnosis.

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